Location: Jordan (Iraq, Libanon, Egypt)
Closing date: 10 Dec 2007
Job Description

The Regional Operations Manager is responsible for the execution of mine action projects within the Middle East for MineWolf Systems. He will by his own example advise and give guidance to his subordinates, monitor and evaluate their performance and ensure that they are in line with MineWolf Systems procedures and guidelines. In detail he is to ensure, technical and safety procedures are produced and adhered to, project planning and execution is conducted effectively to achieve maximum productivity and financial expenditure is monitored within project areas (specifically Jordan). The Regional Operations Manager will report directly to the MineWolf Systems, Director Products and Services (cc: Director Operations MineWolf Systems.) producing reports, proposals and budgets directly involving the various projects. He will also provide reports to MineWolf Systems Head Office on all relevant product support matters and under the directives from MineWolf Systems Head Office, the Regional Operations Manager may be called upon to provide support as and when required to other MineWolf Systems operations worldwide. Functions may be delegated where appropriate but responsibility will always remain with MineWolf Systems Head Office.Responsibilities:

General management tasks and responsibilities

* MineWolf Systems regional focal point, to liaise internally and externally for all mine action related issues within the region.
* Planning and execution of mine action projects in the region in coordination with the client/s.
* Human resource planning and co-ordination.
* Develop and implement technical and safety procedures inline with IMAS and National mine action standards for the region.
* Quality control and Monitoring of MineWolf Systems mine action projects in line MineWolf Systems guidelines and procedures.
* Ensure all projects are in compliance to IMAS/National mine action standards, policies and regulations.
* Produce project reports for MineWolf Systems and donors/contractors on all mine action projects undertaken in the region.
* Manage regional finances according to approved budgets and contracts, reporting directly to the Director Products and Services (cc: Managing Director MineWolf Systems).
* Management of regional administrative routines as per MineWolf Systems guidelines.
* Management of regional logistical routines as per MineWolf Systems guidelines reporting directly to the Director Products and Services MineWolf Systems. (cc: Director Operations MineWolf Systems.)
* To train, trial or implement new methodologies and equipment for MineWolf Systems.
* To receive visitors, press, and give presentations to delegations on MineWolf Systems activities in the Region.

Job Prerequisite: Extensive experience in the management of humanitarian mine action operations, good English language skills both written and oral, knowledge of finance and budget control, ability to plan, write reports and produce project proposals/contracts.
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