Location: Sudan (Juba, Southern Sudan)
Closing date: 31 Dec 2007
Job Description

Under the supervision of the Director of Large Projects for Operations and the PRS Managing Director for academic matters the consultant will:

- Be stationed in Juba or at the site where the Southern Sudan Law Development Institute is established;

- Establish effective working relationships between IDLO and Southern Sudan Supreme Court, The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development and the Attorney General;

- Draft a work plan for period December - March 31, 2008 together with main partners;

- Hire and supervise local staff;
- Set up an IDLO office or office-equivalent infrastructure in Juba or any other site that the Southern Sudanese Government agrees upon to establish the LDI;

- Facilitate communication between and among all partners and stakeholders, including other donors and implementers, Southern Sudan Government entities, civil society, media, and others;

- Finalize concept for first phase of work (Setting up and launching Legal Studies Institute);

- Oversee curriculum development for the LDI beneficiary target groups;

- Begin capacity building activities for Institute: recruitment of staff, establishment documents, TOT, a pilot training, participant selection criteria;

- Establish and implement a general management and reporting system; and

- Other functions appropriate for the location to establish the Southern Sudan Law Development Institute (LDI).


Academic background in common law; Experience with traditional or customary law an advantage; Recent work in developing countries in judicial training and institutional capacity building; Fluent in English.
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