Location: Iraq (Baghdad)
Closing date: 30 Jun 2008
Job Description

The Detection Canine Handler will work as a team with his/her assigned K-9 to conduct patrols of assigned areas/facilities and inspections of vehicles, packages, and personnel as directed by the particular initiative. Will attend regular training with assigned working dog to maintain acceptable performance levels, and will provide necessary health maintenance care, feeding/watering, and grooming of working dogs. Will ensure that assigned K-9 is correctly certified and accredited; and ensure that handler is using the full potential of the dogs in all aspects of the particular initiative.

Key areas of expertise include:
1. Explosive Detection
2. IED Detection
3. Narcotics Detection
4. Patrol

1. Two to three years of recent canine handling experience, preferably in US Government overseas security and peacekeeping initiatives
2. Prior work experience in an international security or peacekeeping organization desired
3. Self reliant and able to work independently or as a part of a multi-cultural team
4. Fluency in English required
5. Cultural awareness, sensitivity and responsiveness to local environments
6. Computer literate
7. Physically fit and in good health

Additional Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
1. Operational experience in:
- Security and / or peacekeeping initiatives
- Use of translator
2. Experience working in developing countries in remote locations, austere living conditions,
and challenging environments
3. Must be willing to accept requisite responsibilities for working with or around explosives in a training medium or in an operational environment
4. Must be able to deploy overseas for extended periods
5. May be subject to undergo a U.S. background investigation.
Vacancies Contact
To apply, please email your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to:
RONCO’s K-9 Division (k-jobs@roncowash.com)
Barbara Norton-Gill / Les Wexler
RONCO Consulting Corporation
ATTN: Human Resources
2300 N Street, NW, SUite 2100
Washington, DC 20037