Global chemical and mining operation - requires experience in permitting and compliance related to reclamation of wetlands, mining and mitigation.

- Primarily responsible for assuring compliance with federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules, and ordinances regarding reclamation of mined lands, with particular emphasis on permitting and compliance related to wetlands, mining and mitigation. This involves assessment of regulatory applicability, preparation of permit applications, development of plans, negotiations with state and local officials, production of detailed implementation plans and schedules, and monitoring of performance to assure consistency of field work with approved plans and permits. Close coordination is required with operating personnel and outside consultants.
- Knowledgeable of federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to Client's mining operations, including those related to wetlands mitigation, mine reclamation, and protection of threatened or endangered species. Prepare and submit permit applications as needed to assure continuous compliance. Participate in negotiations with each of these agencies to obtain approvals and/or permits and releases of completed projects. This item incorporates preparation of maps and text, including use of AutoCad, ArcView, and other computer systems.
- Coordinate implementation of reclamation and wetland mitigation plans with Mine Planning and Mine Services to accomplish the work. Maintain knowledge of current status of work on each project and take actions as required to meet project schedules. Take actions as necessary to correct deficiencies and assure timely completion of projects and acceptance of the work by the relevant agencies.
- Develop, implement and maintain effective systems for monitoring and reporting of progress of reclamation and mitigation, including appropriate and efficient balance of internal and external resources. Prepare or manage preparation of all required reports to federal, state, and local authorities.
- Participate in negotiations with other agencies, such as the River Water Management District, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and others, whenever reclamation is involved in permitting or information requests with these agencies. Provide information as appropriate on reclamation technology, costs, and performance.
- Conduct research and experimentation on reclamation procedures, materials, and techniques, including cooperative efforts with outside entities such as Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, universities, consultants, and government agencies. Evaluate research results and apply to ongoing work as appropriate.
- Maintain knowledge of current regulatory requirements and technological advances relative to reclamation and mitigation. This item includes participation in the Florida Minerals & Chemistry Council and relevant meetings and conferences.
- Develop training materials and conduct periodic training in environmental compliance for other personnel and other departments for this position’s areas of responsibility.

- Bachelors degree in Engineering or environmental science related field is preferred, with knowledge of biology and hydrology desirable. Must have experience in permitting and compliance related to reclamation of wetlands, mining and mitigation.
- A thorough knowledge of environmental regulations, particularly those related to impacts to land, is required.
- Familiarity with or capacity to learn AutoCad and ArcView is highly desirable.

Date Posted September 5, 2008
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