ob Description

The Research Assistant will be a part time position available 15-19 hours a week.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
1. Developing DARA’s strategic orientations and action plan in Washington following the general and specific objectives set by DARA.
2. Acting as the liason between DARA Headquarters in Madrid, the Brussels office and the Washington Office;
3. Identifying funding opportunities at US Government, international organization agencies in Washington (i.e. in relevant areas covered mainly by USAID, the State Department, the World Bank), and private foundations, for core activities, as well as searching for evaluation and technical assistance bidding opportunities, or specific funding for the HRI or the activities included in DARA’s Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative.
4. Assisting in the preparation of funding proposals (researching background material, drafting proposals, looking for experts, etc)
5. Providing advice and guidance on how to access funding, including identifying and meeting with potential partners involved in USAID contracts.
6. Improving DARA’s visibility and identifying potential partners.
7. Developing and sharing a network of contacts and strengthening relations with relevant institutions based in Washington, NGOs, and consultancies.
8. Organising high level visits to Washington for senior DARA staff and board members.
9. Organising dissemination events in Washington and New York City related to DARA’s specific projects (e.g. Humanitarian Response Index and Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative).
10. Supporting DARA’s evaluations and specific projects (e.g. Humanitarian Response Index and Disaster Risk Reduction Initiative) by carrying out interviews and background research.
11. Contributing to DARA's expert roster with CVs of independent experts and potential consultants.
12. Monitoring US government and international organizations’ policies and agenda (especially in the areas of humanitarian aid, development cooperation, disaster preparedness and conflict prevention) or issues related to a specific time-bound project.
13. Attending relevant meetings hosted by think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, government briefings, congressional hearings, etc. and write summary reports.
14. Conducting logistical tasks related to the organization of visits and events.
15. Participating in DARA’s Annual Activity Plan review.

- Current or recent graduate student in a field related to DARA’s activities: evaluation, humanitarian aid, development cooperation, conflict management, international relations, etc.
- Language requirements: English fluency. Spanish proficiency. French would also be an asset.

-Be able to work in a multi task environment
-Know how to manage stressful situations.
-Be able to work on a results-oriented basis
-Be able to work in a team
-Excellent communication skills
-Experience with Microsoft Office programmes
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