Location: Kazakhstan (Almaty or it could be Kiev -Ukraine, Moscow - Russia)
Closing date: 07 Mar 2008
Job Description

Place within the Organisation:

* Reports to the Executive Director
* Member of the Senior Management of the organisation

Job Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan with regular visits to regions / countries participating in the projects

Overall Job Objective:

To ensure adequate, accurate and timely information is available to steer and monitor processes in the organisation, facilitate donor reporting, project performance management, programme development and advocacy

Responsibilities and Tasks:

Related to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E):

* To be responsible for development and implementation of all project M&E strategies, M&E tool design and methodology and results analysis;
* To develop an annual M&E strategic plan and review & adapt when necessary, as part of the standard annual MT review;
* To develop the procedure on M&E (development & implementation);
* To further develop and implement M&E tools (incl. data collection procedures) templates and evaluation criteria;
* To deliver/contribute to a sound M&E plan for new project proposals as part of AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) Proposal Development Procedure;
* To review, advise and when necessary/feasible adapt existing M&E plan(s) for running project(s);
* To regularly report on regional implementation of project M&E;
* To present M&E methods, tools and results to donors, as well as AFEW’s Board when requested.Related to Research:

* To support the development of partnerships with interested international researchers in the field of HIV/AIDS, public health and/or other related field to AFEW’s operations in close co-operation with the Executive Director and the Director of Programme Development;
* To support AFEW research initiatives with review and advise on general research design, implementation, analysis and publication;
* To encourage and support the presentation of research results in internal meetings, Board meetings, international conferences and in peer-reviewed publications;

Related to Process Control

* To supervise staff from the Process Control Unit
* To support further development of Process Control as part of Quality Management within AFEW

Related to Project Management:

* To develop and implement a “project management capacity programme”, including the development of tools, templates and guides as well as the delivery of skills-building trainings on the use of Project Cycle Management, Logical Frameworks, project reporting and other M&E methods as applicable ;
* To support M&E staff in further developing and managing the implementation of The AFEW Information Resource (“The AIR”) in close co-operation with the Director of Programme Development and the Head of IT, International Office;
* To work closely with AFEW Director of Programme Development, Senior Programme Advisors and Project Managers on the planning, development, implementation and analysis of M&E activities according to the specifics of each respective project.

Related to General Management:

* To manage the Quality Management Unit in the International Office on a daily basis through on-going staff supervision and support, meetings and reporting;
* To provide functional supervision to regional M&E and Research staff;
* To ensure that process control is maintained at an adequate level, and where necessary, further developed;
* To develop and adapt job descriptions for International Office Quality management (QM) staff;
* To select, recruit, train and evaluate all new QM staff in the IO;
* To assist in the process of selection, recruitment, training and evaluation of all regional Quality Management staff, including reviewing all staff movements;
* To support Regional Directors in developing regional M&E and Research plans as part of their overall annual plans;
* To serve as a model in reporting, monitoring and evaluation in own activities;
* To work according to internal AFEW procedures;
* To participate in negotiations regarding research partnership agreements;
* To support the management of research partnerships.

Contacts / Key Relationships:

* Donors;
* International network of HIV/AIDS experts;
* Research institutes, universities
* Governmental and non-governmental partners.


Experience and Qualifications:

* Demonstrated experience and competence in monitoring and evaluation, quantitative and qualitative research skills, project management and training
* Knowledge of computerised database & statistical analysis software
* Proven management experience for a minimum of three years
* University or vocational training in Social Sciences, Management or Public Health

Personal Skills/Additional Information:

* A commitment to reside in Almaty on a full-time basis for a minimum of one year; after this period, the location may be reviewed
* Willingness to travel
* Ability to communicate, coach and train
* Ability to think critically, analytically and independently
* Fluency in written and spoken English, working knowledge of Russian is a definite asset

Vacancies Contact
Elena_Agapova@afew.org; Joost_van_der_Meer@afew.org