Location: Iraq (Amman)
Closing date: 10 Jul 2008
Job Description

Terms of Reference
Assistant Project Director – “Ainkawa Center for Employment”

1. Background
The Ainkawa Center for Employment (ACE) project aims to address the growing and potentially destabilizing problem of unemployment in Erbil, Iraq. Independent reporting and first-hand accounts indicate that at least 25% of the population in Ainkawa and the surrounding areas are unable to find decent work, including at least 2,000 educated youth. A further indication of the inefficiency of the job market is the fact that the government, not the private sector, is the largest employer. Additionally, ISG’s field contacts indicate that the job market is plagued with inefficiencies and that kinship and ethnic groups define opportunities and constraints and those who are not members of these patronage systems are excluded from the job market.

2. Objectives
- Improve and expand the dissemination of information regarding employment opportunities;
- Create a searchable database of job opportunities and employers in and around Ainkawa;
- Facilitate linkages between employers and potential employees to generate increased employment;
- Establish a mentorship program that will both build the selected job seekers’ capacity and link them with high-quality, long-term job opportunities;
- Establish and build a sustainable community resource that will operate over the long-term to provide employment assistance to Ainkawa and the surrounding areas; and
- Increase incomes of host community individuals and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in the area.

3. Assistance
The Assistant Project Director will be assisted in carrying out his/her responsibilities by Ainkawa-based staff including a Project Manager, two capacity building coordinators and two ACE associates.

4. Supervision
The Assistant Project Director will be supervised by and report to the Project Director. The Assistant Project Director will assist the Project Director to prepare monthly progress reports for the ISG Director of Operations and ISG’s Principals Committee.

5. Expected Outputs
The Assistant Project Director will collaborate with the Project Director to oversee all activities related to ACE and coordinate with Erbil-based staff to achieve the project’s objectives.6. Timeframe & Location
The Project is scheduled to run for 16 months and the Assistant Project Director will be employed for that time-frame, subject to satisfactory performance. The Assistant Project Director will be expected to reside in Amman, Jordan, with required short-term travel to Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

7. Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have an MBA, Master’s degree in International Relations or similar graduate or undergraduate degree.

Experience and skills
The ideal candidate should have at least 2 years experience in project coordination and administration. S/he should be familiar with working in the context of development and have a passion for field work. Preference will be given to those with work experience in business, economic development and with Iraq-specific experience.

The candidate should have significant experience in writing reports, and ideally should have experience with community-based training, and general community development projects.

Preference will be given to those candidates with experience in small business development.

Candidates should be fluent in written and spoken English. Candidates with Kurdish and/or Arabic language experience will receive preference.

Personal Strengths
The ideal candidate will be committed to improving livelihoods in Ainkawa, Kurdistan and Iraq. S/he will be hard working, enterprising, and demonstrate initiative. S/he will be an excellent communicator.

8. Compensation
Salary commensurate with experience. ISG offers a benefits package that includes time off, health insurance, and profit sharing.
Vacancies Contact
Interested Candidates should send a CV and references to:
Stephen Ladek
202 470 3530
Michael Stanisich