Location: Côte d'Ivoire
Closing date: 10 Jul 2008
Job Description


The Lead Resident Advisor has overall responsibility for planning and coordination of all activities and personnel in Cote d’Ivoire. He or she represents the SCMS project to US Government agencies, Ministries of Health and cooperating agencies. He or she promotes collaboration and best practices in the forecasting, procurement, storage, distribution, and information management of ARVs and related HIV/AIDS commodities. Responsibilities include the development of technical strategies and work plans and the organization and provision of in-country technical assistance, as well as ensuring that the field office follows standard SCMS and host-company administrative and financial procedures and practices. He or she has first-line SCMS supervisory responsibility for the resident staff implementing SCMS activities in Cote d’Ivoire. The Lead Resident Advisor is responsible for maintaining effective communication with the SCMS Project Management Office (PMO), the US Government Team, public, private, and FBO/NGO sector implementing programs, other USG cooperating agencies and other members of the donor community. The Lead Resident Advisor is also responsible for following corporate policies and procedures and adhering to standards of the employing SCMS Lead Sub-Contractor for the country.


Supply Chain Management and Support

1. Working closely with the Country Program Manager, organize, staff and manage technical activities concerning provision of products for the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS, including product selection; forecasting and quantification of products; monitoring the fulfillment of orders by suppliers; tracking of shipments to client countries; expediting freight forwarding and customs clearance; storage and distribution of products in-country; and logistics management information systems.
2. Arrange for and assist with assessments of supply chain programs in-country, to determine system strengths and weaknesses and identify technical assistance gaps that may be addressed by SCMS.
3. Working with the Country Program Manager, develop and implement a long-term SCMS strategy and an annual workplan and budget, in conjunction with the USG team, host-government Ministries of Health and other cooperating agencies.
4. Update the workplan and budget on a quarterly basis.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

1. Identify, support and use in-country capacity to achieve effectiveness and sustainability.
2. Identify capacity gaps and arrange for appropriate training of field office staff to adequately equip them with the skills and knowledge required to accomplish their technical, administrative and financial management responsibilities.
3. Together with the Country Program Manager, identify, assess and pursue opportunities for SCMS supply chain and technical assistance activities in accordance with the targets set out in the USG County Operational Plan.
4. Where appropriate, seek additional field support funding to finance both SCMS supply chain and technical assistance activities.
5. Identify appropriate areas requiring technical assistance and capacity building that can be met from SCMS.
6. Define scopes of work (SOW) for short-term technical assistance and obtain necessary approvals and, working with Country Program Managers, modify SOWs as required.
7. Together with the Country Program Manager, organize and manage activities related to the provision of short-term technical assistance (STTA or temporary duty, TDY).
8. Report results of technical assistance on a regular basis.
9. Provide direct in-country technical assistance, as appropriate within areas of expertise.
Coordination and Information Sharing

1. Coordinate technical work in the country with RPM Plus, DELIVER, other SCMS partners, and other USG- supported cooperating agencies, especially Track 1 PEPFAR partners (Catholic Relief Services Consortium, Columbia University, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health) funded to work in the country.
2. Work closely with the Affordable Medicines for Africa (AMFA) and MAP International who will coordinate SCMS activities with Faith Based Organizations.
3. Actively seek opportunities to work with civil society organizations (NGOs, CBOs, etc.) at all levels.
4. Seek opportunities to collaborate with other donors including the Global Fund, World Bank, DFID and bilateral organizations.
5. Manage communications with USG Teams, host country institutions, and others on specific topics related to the activities within the country of responsibility.
6. Manage communications with SCMS technical and management staff in the PMO.
7. With the Country Program Manager develop client-centered methods of responding to needs of and requests from USG Teams and host country institutions.
8. Develop and maintain an understanding and appreciation of the historical, political, economic, demographic, and public health issues in the relevant focus country.
9. Ensure effective communications within the in-country team.
10. Inform stakeholders of services that SCMS can provide in procurement and technical assistance, particularly innovations in commodity management and lessons learned in the broader SCMS context.

Other Management Activities

1. Manage the operation of SCMS field office teams in country in adherence with policies and procedures established by the SCMS Lead Sub-contractor that employs the LRA, and with policies and procedures established by the SCMS project management office.
2. Develop and manage country program budgets; with the Country Program Manager negotiate funding with USG Teams.
3. Oversee finances and cash flow and ensure adequate availability of project funds to complete required project work, working with the SCMS Project Management Office and the financial administrators of the SCMS Lead Sub-contractor for the country.
4. Prepare reports as required for submission to the SCMS Project Management Office and to the Lead Sub-contractor corporate offices.
5. Identify and recruit staff for the in-country field office, in consultation with the SCMS Human Resources Manager, Country Program Manager and Lead Sub-contractor Human Resources policies and procedures.
6. Set up and maintain performance management programs including the establishment of Key Performance Indicators in consultation with the SCMS Human Resources Manager.
7. Conduct annual performance reviews of in-country staff.
8. Manage, coach, mentor and motivate staff.
9. Arrange team-building activities for in-country field office staff in consultation with the SCMS Human Resources Manager.
10. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. Post graduate degree in pharmacy, public health, procurement, logistics, supply chain management or equivalent education or equivalent work experience.
2. Significant experience in international public health, with experience related to HIV/AIDS, pharmaceutical management, health commodity logistics, family planning or supply chain strengthening, preferably in work funded by USAID.
3. Proven experience of managing public health programs or projects in a developing country context, with five years or more senior management experience preferred.
4. Excellent written and oral communications skills.
5. Excellent presentation and marketing skills honed from interacting with senior levels in the public and/or private sector.
6. A proven ability to work as a part of a team but self-managing of own time.
7. Demonstrated intermediate skills in Microsoft Office Suite applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Familiarity with Microsoft Project a plus.
8. English fluency required including speaking, writing, and reading; additional proficiency in other relevant languages such as French, Portuguese or Spanish may be required in those countries where English is not the language of business/government.

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