Location: Sri Lanka (Ampara and Batticaloa)
Closing date: 15 May 2008
Job Description

Project Duration: July 2008 up to End of Project January 2009
Position Start Date: 15TH June 2008
Position Location: Ampara and Batticaloa – Sri Lanka
Context: Protecting and promoting the psychosocial well being of tsunami and conflict affected children in the Batticaloa and Ampara districts of Sri Lanka
Supervisor: Delegate – Sri Lanka
Supervises: Staff belonging to the Protection programme, mainly the staff involved into the life of the play activities centres (around 50 persons)


The Terre des hommes operations in Sri Lanka are quite large: The implementation of projects demand ± 430 remunerated people (114 staff, 55 psychosocial support staff and 260 community workers), including skilled management comprised both of local staff and expatriates (6). Terre des hommes has been working in Sri Lanka for about 30 years and for 11 years on the East coast of the country, in Batticaloa and Ampara.
The program is promoting a pilot experience of sustainable community intervention for child protection with contextual support to government agencies. 20 locations spread within two districts.

The psychosocial project is aiming to protect and accompany children and youths affected by either the Tsunami or the civil war in two districts of eastern Sri Lanka: Batticaloa and Ampara. During a period of two years 8000 children will be benefiting from psychosocial actions and protection in 20 centers in this region. This project follows a previous project of support to affected children implemented by Terre des hommes after the Tsunami, taking advantage of this past two years experience of running psychosocial centres. The project also subscribes to the "Do no harm" principle.

General responsibilities:

To ensure that the psychosocial and protection projects of Terre des hommes work to assist, in an appropriate and imaginative manner, those children for whom the movement exists, namely those who are most vulnerable and in greatest need, and in a manner consistent with the Charter and policies of the organisation.
To coordinate the psychosocial and protection activities in Ampara and Batticaloa districts.
To guide the Tdh psychosocial and protection team to handover the centres to the communities and strengthen the "Village child right monitoring committee" set up
during the first year.
To collaborate closely with the Protection training Coordinator and as well with the Health coordinator.

Main tasks:

- Projects coordination and coaching and follow up of National project managers
- Community Based Organisation empowerment and sustainability taking over "community and children centres"
- Community based Child protection committee: Empowerment VCRMC (Village Child Right monitoring committee)
- To Support the "IDP resettlement team" in their different projects (up to September 2008)
- Internal and external coordination
- Reporting (Internal and external)
- Assessment
Child Protection Policy:

* To commit to respect the Child Protection Policy.
* To commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Child Protection Policy in Sri Lanka.
* To commit to inform the head office and to deal with any case of any allegations or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Child Protection Policy.


Professional Profile:

* Master in social work, sociology, anthropology or humanitarian actions.
* At least three years field experience in a similar position. Experience in working with community based organizations is an asset.

Personal skills:

* Great level of social-cultural sensibility in dealings with the colleagues and the people; ability to cope with a heavy workload; high level of frustration tolerance; deep sense of humor.

Professional skills:

* Experience in working in conflict areas, capacity to readjust project according to security situation.
* Experience in Child Protection, Psychosocial (child protection/ social work) projects, using case management system
* Experience in negotiating and working closely with government authorities
* Networking with other child protection agencies in order to capitalize and coordinate activities
* Experience in community empowerment, participation techniques and approaches with children, adults and youths.
* Capacity to supervise and monitor 4 projects areas (4 different project managers), 43 staff and 110 community animators.
* Experience in project cycle management
* Experience in income generating activity is a good added competency to have (small project of handicraft).
* Talent in capacity building and supporting national staff to take the lead.

Vacancies Contact
Please send your complete application file, including the application form which can be downloaded on our website, www.tdh.ch, to M. Frédéric Collin by mail it to rh@tdh.ch.
The recruitment and selection procedures of Terre des hommes reflect our commitment for child security and protection.