The Water and Sanitation Manager will work to design, implement and manage water and environmental sanitation projects in the area(s) where Merlin is responding during the emergency. S/he will represent Merlin at the sector level and ensure that its assistance is effectively reaching the target population.


Conduct community assessments and make recommendations on needs and vulnerabilities of the populations in regard to water and sanitation issues.
Work collaboratively to design and implement Merlin' emergency water and sanitation project(s).
Integrate public health concepts into engineering programs. Good understanding of cholera outbreaks and epidemics' dynamics and solutions.
Ensure that the project engages local stakeholders and develops local capacity for longer term sustainability.
Recruit and mentor local staff and manage staff. Train the community WASH committees.
Work with and manage a diverse group of international and local staff.
Knowledge of participatory management techniques required.
Manage programs including budgets when required.
Ensure integration of SPHERE guidelines and key indicators into programming.
Develop working relationships and coordinate with relevant international and local agencies active in the water and sanitation sector of the emergency response.
Participate in the UN Water/Sanitation Cluster coordination meetings.
Establish a system to monitor and evaluate project activities and impact, in accordance with existing Merlin D,M& E guidelines.
Regularly report on project status and compile proposals for donors including budgets.
Maintain close working relationships with local authorities, INGOs, and local NGOs and associations.
Foster a collaborative team atmosphere which engages the stakeholders.
Other duties as assigned by the Team Leader.
Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in line with the Humanitarian Code of Conduct and in such a manner as to bring credit to Merlin and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission.


SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: This position may require supervision of a large team of national and international staff working and living in different geographical locations .

REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Merlin Team Leader/Country Director

WORKS DIRECTLY WITH: Logistics, Procurement and Finance, Administration and Field Staff.
Relevant educational background, preferably technical to degree level or similar.
Demonstrated expertise in water and sanitation, and the use of appropriate technologies, with at least two years' experience.
Experience in emergency WASH response programming. Experience in large scale natural disaster response is an asset.
Commitment to local capacity building and the ability to engage local stakeholders in project design and implementation.
Familiarity with international humanitarian operations, coordination structures, and the mandates of UN agencies, Red Cross organizations, and other NGOs. Good organizational skills and ability to anticipate project needs.
Experience working with host governments and their agents, INGOs and national NGOs.
Proven ability to work cooperatively with others in a team environment, and to lead a diverse group of national and international staff.
Understanding of participatory methodologies for project design, implementation and evaluation and Merlin' D,M&E methodology.
Knowledge of humanitarian standards and codes, including SPHERE.
Working knowledge of basic procurement systems. Knowledge of Merlin's specifics is an asset.


Conscientious, with an excellent sense of judgment.
Ability to work simultaneously on multiple tasks in an insecure, stressful environment and keep to deadlines.
Ability to develop water and sanitation initiatives to meet uncertain and changing scenarios.
Understanding of the long-term implications of relief work and the importance of incorporating the development of civil society into relief activities.
Rapidly develop a strong understanding of the cultural, political and religious environment in the region, and the ability to live and work successfully in those environments are essential.
Willingness and ability to work effectively with a wide variety of people.
Ability to work as part of a team and coordinate with project personnel.
Able to interact with partner and peer agencies.
Fluency in spoken and written English.
Computer literate and strong organizational skills.


Harsh environment with some degree insecurity. Housing will also vary depending on the situation, but expect basic, communal accommodations.
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Location: Myanmar (Yangon)
Closing date: 14 Sep 2008