Location: Afghanistan (British Embassy Kabul)
Closing date: 12 May 2008
Job Description

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Definition of Role:

The role of the Counter-Narcotics Communications Adviser will be to lead, from the UK's perspective, the public information pillar of the Afghan National Drugs Control Strategy, working with key Afghan and international interlocutors.

Scope of Work:

- The consultant will work closely with the involved Afghan ministries, including: Ministry of Counter-Narcotics (MCN) and Independent Directorate for Local Government (IDLG), and US Embassy (a key donor), to design the annual CN communications plan, focused around the key pre-planting and eradication periods. They will focus on delivery at a provincial level and work with a number of national and international agencies to ensure effective implementation.

- The Counter-Narcotics Communications Adviser will work closely with the Rule of Law Communications Adviser, for whom they will provide leave cover.

- They will allocate funding to CN communications projects and manage those projects to ensure effective delivery and value for money.

- They will be responsible for the proportion of the Information Operations budget devoted specifically to Counter-Narcotics and work with the Rule of Law Communications Adviser (who is the overall budget manager) to ensure that the project is properly managed and accounted for in accordance with FCO policy.

- The consultant will be the British Embassy's main point of contact on CN communications issues with the following organisations: the MCN, IDLG, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), the Lashkar Gah Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and the US and other partner embassies.

- The consultant will work with Afghan Drugs Inter-Departmental Unit and the Embassy's Press and Public Affairs team to communicate to the British and international media the CN activities of HMG in Afghanistan.

- The consultant will, on occasion, assist the Head of the British Embassy Counter Narcotics Team with event planning related to enhancing regional co-operation.

- The consultant will report to the First Secretary (CN) but will have considerable scope for independent activity and initiative.
Vacancies Contact
Sophia Akram (sophia.akram@fco.gov.uk) (Tel: 0207 008 2212) - This position is only applicable to British Nationals that have resided in the UK for at least two consecutive years out of the last ten.